7 Best WordPress plugins for coders

7 Best WordPress plugins for coders


WordPress plugins is a small software application that extends the features and functions of a WordPress website. Gone are the days of thick yellow pages.

In the digital era, chances are a given brand, regardless of its shape and size, A) has some online presence and B) uses the WordPress software to build and manage websites, online shops, and blogs. In fact, WordPress powers 43.2% of all websites on the internet. And that’s perhaps no surprise.

After all, this premier platform lets you quickly and effortlessly set up a website and does so free of charge. The best part? You don’t even have to be tech-savvy or know how to code, making it a pretty handy tool for newcomers to web work, not only veteran developers. What makes this possible is the over 50k WordPress plugins for coders in the WordPress marketplace. Here are some of CODE-CLUB’s best picks!

1. Theme Check

WordPress has set many high theme review standards for inclusion, meaning you have to ensure that the themes you design are up to spec. Luckily, the Theme Check plugin is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to test your theme designs against the latest standards and practices.

WordPress Theme developers and developers using third-party themes swear by this must-have plugin. Still, you should ensure you’re using it for its intended purpose– testing if things are done “the WordPress way.”

It’s not a theme evaluation tool for designs from sources other than WordPress.org. Picking a WP theme can be, without a doubt, tricky business. We’ve all been there. Still, it’s always best to try and resist the temptation of falling back on this plugin as an evaluation tool and rely on your thoughtfully developed theme selection process instead.

Pricing: FREE | More information

2. Regenerate Thumbnails

At one point or another, all WP websites decide to freshen up their appearance and switch to a new theme. And although this gets you a complete site redesign with minimal effort, you may find your old images looking distorted or the wrong size. This wordpress plugin calls for regenerating the thumbnails of your site. Otherwise, you may encounter some design issues.

Luckily, there’s a plugin for that. With a single click, the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin allows developers to regenerate the thumbnails according to their new theme, saving time they’d spend doing so manually. Swapping your old theme for a new one requires that you regenerate the thumbnails of your site. The Regenerate Thumbnails plugin does the work for you.

Pricing: FREE | More information

3. User Switching

User Switching is the next on our list of WordPress plugins that every coder should know. It’s a super-helpful plugin that instantly allows users to switch between multiple user accounts. So, if you’re someone who runs a WordPress website with multiple user levels, has a bunch of different users, or uses several accounts for yourself, this is just the plugin for you.

Once you install the widget, you won’t have to enter usernames and passwords again. So, switching back and forth takes a single click of the button, maximizing your time efficiency. Second, the security system that the User Switching Plugin implements lets you limit access to who can switch accounts. Third, you can see the site through the eyes of the users while still maintaining admin access. Finally, it offers full support for validation and administration over SSL.

Pricing: FREE | More information

4. Query Monitor

When working on a development project with tons of WordPress plugins installed, it is pretty common to experience some performance issues. Supposing you’ve already eliminated the usual suspects, Query Monitor wordpress plugins helps you dig deeper into your website’s functionality and pinpoint any “troubled” areas of the code.

It’s a great dev tool that offers an in-debt analysis and helps debug database queries, PHP errors, HTTP API calls, Hooks and actions, and much more. Still, the plugin has one notable limitation. Namely, it is primarily used for “in the moment” debugging, the current page load. It doesn’t track and display historical information/trends, although some say such a feature is planned for future versions of the plugin.

Pricing: FREE | More information

5. WP Reset

Raise your hand if you have ever broken a site but didn’t see any error and had no idea what caused the issue. These things happen to everyone. That’s why, when it comes to WordPress plugins for coders, the WP Reset wordpress plugins is one of the must-haves. It will get rid of all the tweaks and restore your website data to its default state. There are a lot of reasons why one would reset a site. WP Reset helps you start fresh.

This wordpress plugins can save you even in more severe instances, such as hacking. An article recently published by wpfullcare.com talks about some telltale signs your WP site is compromised or hacked. It included a dramatic and unexpected decline in your website traffic, bad links, defaced home page, and such. It is good to be aware and on the lookout for such things. But, if anything like this happens, it’s good to know that WP Reset has your back.

Pricing: FREE (Pro upgrades starting at $39 per year) | More information

6. File Manager

Developers do a lot of uploads and downloads, and managing all this data is a lot of work. Luckily, there’s always a WordPress plugins to make things easier. In this case, it’s called File Manager. And as the name suggests, this plugin is used for managing files. It’s powerful, flexible, and easy to use. You can easily create, edit, rename, delete, download, upload, zip, copy and paste folders and files, and you can nest them. All in all, it helps you take complete control of your WordPress website.

Pricing: FREE ($25 Pro upgrade) | More information

7. LambdaTest

This WordPress plugins should be your go-to when it comes to the best WordPress plugins for coders for cross-browser testing. LambdaTest WordPress plugin is used to test webpages and apps across various browsers, check their compatibility, and ensure that everything works fine. It can also take full-page screenshots of pages and posts right from the WordPress Admin panels and uses them to track down any compatibility issues.

Pricing: FREE ($15 and up monthly plans) | More information

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