About Us

Hi there! We are CODE-CLUB, an online platform sharing blogs/projects on various subjects and topics. We share blogs on various interesting topics, wp themes, wp plugins, and programming related projects. This site is developed by code club. First I am a learner and developer. I develop projects by learning tutorials and I share my projects for free. Projects like a programming project with their source code. A project made with different programming languages including C, C++, Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C#, and many more. We also provide an android and unity related project also. The website may be fruitful for beginners and professionals as well. Learning programs and interacting with programming projects will definitely increase your skills. The objective of Code-Club is to provide free projects, free themes, free plugins, and share ideas on blogs with interesting topics. The project shared on this site must be used for educational purposes only. There are different menu-items on the navbar. Each menu-item includes project related to that menu name. If you need any blogs/articles on certain subjects, themes, plugins, and projects, or for any query, please contact us. Follow us on our social media pages.