Bank system in python with Source code

Bank system in python with Source code


Bank system project is a python program based bank management project. This project is easy to use and manage. It has command-line interface.

Bank system project is coded in python programming language. The project is using python version 3. It is useful for managing bank activities. This system is especially useful for banks. It is just a representation how a bank work. Bank is a safe place where we save money. This system is a python based project. The code must be compiled before executing. It does not use GUI. The project code will execute in command line.

Bank system project provides many features. Such as creating account, withdraw account, deposit, get balance and view account. You must install python before using this project. As you execute the project code you will see welcome screen with some options. The first option is to create an account. Follow the instructions carefully. The image below is the output of the project.

bank system-output

Furthermore bank system

You must provide the required information. After you provide all the information your account will be created. You must deposit some amount before withdraw. After you deposit some amount, you can withdraw. The get balance option will show your current balance deposit. Your withdrawn amount will be reducing from the current balance. The view account option will allow you to see your account information.

You can exit from the system at any time. The project code is not too long. It is easy to understand. The code uses def function, else if, raw input, print….and many more. This project will be fruitful for beginners to enhance their skills. Download the project and use the code by yourself. The project will be productive for you. You will learn new skills in this code.

How to use this project?

  • Install python version 3.
  • Download the project and extract the source code.
  • Set up an editor or IDE.
  • Open the python file in an editor.
  • Execute the program.
  • Start using the project.
  • Enjoy!

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