Classic Editor WordPress Plugin

Classic Editor WordPress Plugin


Classic editor is a free WordPress plugin. It is one of the most useful content editors. This plugin is useful for inserting content on WordPress websites.

Classic editor is developed by WordPress contributors. This is the official plugin maintained by the WordPress team. It has a good user interface. It is just an editor which helps in editing our content. Classic editor is easy to use. It has different tools included just as in ms word. Now there is a new Gutenberg editor in WordPress which comes as default for the new upgraded version.

You can easily choose to change the default editor. Most of the people like a classic editor. The administrator has the choice to choose the editor to which they are familiar to. The new updated version has hidden this classic editor by default. This editor has a simple layout. You can write content and edit easily. You can make your content align centre, left and right. Further you can make bold, italic and often change colour. See the image below.

Classic editor - image1

Classic editor

You easily insert heading, paragraph, links, buttons, read more tag and many more. This is a powerful tool for wordpress. This plugin has 5+ million active users. Well this plugin works almost with any version of WordPress. It requires WordPress version 4.9 or higher. This plugin is frequently updated. And it is the most rated plugin in WordPress. You can download directly from WordPress and upload to your website. Or you can install and activate from the plugin section on your website.

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