Codex WordPress theme

Codex WordPress theme


Codex is a simple, fast and multi-purpose WordPress theme. It looks attractive and responsive. This theme is mostly useful for blogging purposes.

Codex is free and developed by Cryout Creations. It supports e-commerce, business, portfolio, photography, music, and many other websites. The theme is light and easily get loaded in seconds. Installing and updating the theme is easy. It has the prebuilt structure for the blogs where it should appear.

The theme is totally editable. Being responsive the theme has various features. Like auto-scroll bottom to top button, a responsive layout that fits on any devices supports social media and easy share.  Codex has SEO, google fonts, layouts, styles ready. All you need is to install and use the theme.

Features of codex

  • Simple, free, and easy installation. 
  • Multi-purpose and Responsive. 
  • Customizable and Updatable. 
  • SEO friendly
  • Google fonts support. 
  • Social media support. 
  • WordPress optimization.

Codex is written in different programming languages. Programming include PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript etc. It is mainly written in PHP using HTML and CSS. Codex uses Bootstrap and JavaScript for making responsive and attractive.

HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript are the most essential part of front end development. PHP works as a backend that provides the functions used in the website. For the database, it uses MYSQL or Maria DB. It supports different plugins. It perfectly works for small as well as large businesses. See the screenshot below.


Codex - img1

The theme has the feature of a sticky navigation bar. The home page can be made static. Each and every page is customizable. Codex is also available in pro versions. Pro versions cost a certain amount. The theme is program dependent which means the code can be customized to get new looks and design.

As for blogging purposes, your posted blogs will be displayed properly. You will get options for how your blogs need to be displayed.  It is one of the most rated WordPress themes. Even this website is using this type of WordPress theme.

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