ColorMag WordPress theme

ColorMag WordPress theme


ColorMag is an awesome, simple and modern WordPress theme. It is free and responsive. The theme looks simple and easy to use. Its responsiveness makes it attractive.

ColorMag was developed by Theme Grill. It is a magazine based WordPress theme. It is a multi-purpose WordPress theme. This theme is suitable for blogs, news, magazines…etc. Just like other themes, it can be easily customized. It includes all the features which need to be on a news website. Using ColorMag it is very easy to create a site. It supports different WordPress plugins. Like WooCommerce, Social media share Yoast SEO, Contact form, table builder. and many other useful plugins. The interface of colormag is user friendly.



  • Simple, Modern and Versatile.
  • Attractive and Responsive.
  • SEO friendly.
  • Customizable and Upgradable.
  • Plugin and social media support.

More about ColorMag

ColorMag theme is coded using different programming languages. Such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Bootstrap etc. Mostly WordPress theme is written in PHP programming language. PHP works as a backbone or backend of the website. While Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, JavaScript works as front-end. They provide responsiveness and attractiveness for the website. The pro version of this theme provides some premium features. Moreover, it includes the auto-scroll button from the bottom to top.

The navigation menu has a sticky feature. It does not scroll down with the page. The theme works well for both small and large business. It offers social links, clean design, tags, widgets and many more. This theme is fully user control. Users can change the way of displaying the post. Web fonts and style can be edited. The theme has a magazine-style which makes it more attractive. It is very simple and easy to install. It is available in both free and pro versions. Pro versions require cost.

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