Company front-end site in Bootstrap with Source code

Company front-end site in Bootstrap with Source code


The company project is a front-end based project. It is a representation of a company website. The project is simple and responsive front-end site project.

The company site project is coded using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript. It uses CSS framework Bootstrap 4 for making responsive. This project helps to carry out activities in a company. It includes all the necessary features required for the company. It is easy to use and implement. Back-end programming has not been Implemented. The functions in this site may not work. It is just a front-end site. It uses various CSS and JS libraries.

CSS libraries like bootstrap.css, font-awesome.min.css, slick.css, slick-theme.css and custom CSS. Likewise, JS libraries bootstrap.min.js, jquery.min.js, main.js, popper.min.js and slick.js. It uses google web fonts. It has a navigation menu. This is a multi-page website. The menu include home, service, about us, blog and contact. It has a serious slider with buttons. The image below is a screen-shot of the project.

Company project-site1

Furthermore Company project

The home page includes different sections with parallax scrolling. You can add video on your site for marketing. On the bottom of the page, there is a sing up option. The about us section includes the info of the working place. There is grid layout for showing info in about us page. The main page of company site is the service page. Service page provide the product for the customers. The customer can select the plan for their business.

This part includes the card column and collapse widget. For sharing official information there is a blog section. The contact page for getting in touch with users and receiving feedback. The project is using a third party script slick slider. This slider slides the information on the mouse pointer. The project is very useful for the beginner. You get to learn about different libraries which will be useful for further process. Download the project and get experienced by yourself.

Click the button below to get the  source code of the project.

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