Duplicate post WordPress plugin

Duplicate post WordPress plugin


Duplicate post is a WordPress plugin useful for duplicating previous posts and pages. It is built with the objective of increasing WordPress productivity.

Duplicate post WordPress plugin is developed by Copy Delete posts. It is a very useful plugin for duplicating previous posts on your WordPress site. When you create a necessary page and if you need same as other page, you can simply use this plugin and duplicate it. You can duplicate as much page you need. Duplication of page us necessary when you make short work again using same elements many time. Within a single click, you can duplicate posts or pages instantly.

Also you can check if there any duplicate post exists or not. And you can delete them instantly. You can have full control using this plugin. Further, you can create duplicates for pages used in page builders with their custom settings. You can create a variation of a page or post fast to modify it and compare side by side. This is a useful plugin. Download the WordPress plugin and get experienced by yourself.

How to install this plugin?

  • Sign in to your website admin panel.
  • Go to plugin section and click add new.
  • Search duplicate post plugin.
  • Install and activate.

Click the button below to get the plugin.

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