Hotel frontend site in Bootstrap with Source code

Hotel frontend site in Bootstrap with Source code


Hotel project is a hotel based front-end site. This project shows hotels information in this site. It is built using the bootstrap framework.  

Hotel project is simple, responsive and easy to use and implement. It is built using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and Bootstrap4. This hotel project is a simple one-page site. It includes all the features required for a hotel. The project is easy to set up and implement.

The hotel project site is very useful for learners and beginners. This project has a fixed navbar with a logo, menu items, and search options. The navbar uses toggle navigation. This button hides all the menu items when resizing. See the image below.

Hotel -image1

The navbar will expand when clicking the burger type button. The project is using bootstrap css and js libraries. Such as bootstrap.min.css, animate.css, slider.css. course.css etc. The js libraries are slider.js, wow.min.js, parallax.min.js, counter.js, bootstrap.js…. etc.

The parallax js library provides the smooth scroll feature. This project is using web fonrs. It requires internet to use the fonts. The home section has a slider with some items on it. You will see more different types of rooms images when you scroll down. See some of the screenshots of the site below.

The website further shows different types of rooms with prices. You can show the promotions and events on this site. Like giving people some discount and special offers. You can see different images on gallery section. The footer has a copyright text. In this project backend programming is not available. It is a front-end project. Functions may not work as expected. Download the project and get experienced by yourself.

How to use this project?

  • Download and extract the project.
  • Set up an editor or IDE. (vscode, sublime, atom)
  • Open the project folder on the editor.
  • Launch the program in the browser. (chrome, brave)
  • Use the project.
  • Share & Enjoy!

Click the button below to get the source code for this project.

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