MonsterInsights WordPress Plugin

MonsterInsights WordPress Plugin


MonsterInsights is a free analytics plugin for WordPress. It is one of the most insights plugins. This plugin is useful for tracking your website in real-time.

MonsterInsights is a google analytics dashboard plugin. This is easy to install and allows you to set up analytics in in one click. It has a good user-friendly interface. Using this plugin, you can see how many visitors landed on your site. You have to connect your analytics with monsterinsights. MonsterInsights allows you to enable all the necessary features. You can get similar google analytics dashboard using this plugin.

Monsterinsights provides many features. Installing is easy. You can install with one single click. You can have post tracking feature which allows you to see where you are getting maximum traffic. Also, this plugin has file download tracking where you can see who has downloaded the file from your site. You can manage ads using this plugin. You can see how many clicks you get on your ads. Further, you can see your visitor, where they are coming from. See the screenshot below.

MonsterInsights - image1

Monster Insights features

There are lots of more features in this plugin. This plugin makes google analytics gdpr compliance easier for business owners. MonsterInsights uses Google Analytics universal tracking, so you can track your users across devices and platforms. All you have to do is enable the feature in the plugin. This plugin is the ultimate Google analytics shortcut that we wish we had. Now we have. Just few click more to get this plugin. There is no violation of data.

The best part of this plugin is it is free, secure and easy to track. This is a powerful tool for wordpress. This plugin has 2+ million active users. Well this plugin works almost with any version of WordPress. It requires WordPress version 3.8.0 or higher. This plugin is frequently updated. And it is the most rated plugin in WordPress. You can download directly from WordPress and upload to your website. Or you can install and activate from the plugin section on your website.

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