SeedProd WordPress plugin

SeedProd WordPress plugin


Seedprod WordPress plugin is useful for creating coming soon page. It also has page maintenance mode.

SeedProd allows you to work in private while other visitor see “Coming soon” page. This plugin is easy to use and implement. Most of the developer uses this plugin while they develop their website. It makes the website live and visitor will see what’s going on.

This plugin has a cool user interface. It works correctly with any WordPress theme. Coding is not necessary for this plugin. It has a drag and drop functionality. You can create many different types of landing pages. Such as coming soon, 404 pages, sales pages, webinar page, maintenance mode and many other.

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More SeedProd

You can see the above screenshot. SeedProd has many prebuilt ready-made templates. You can choose and edit your template that suits your website. You can manage everything from setting. This plugin has ready documentation. You can learn from there on implementing.

This plugin makes fast landing page. Using seedprod does not slow down your site. A non-programmer user also can use this plugin without difficulty. SeedProd is perfect for business owners, bloggers, designers, developers, photographers. For custom landing page creation SeedProd is the perfect solution.

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This plugin is available in free and pro version. The pro version starts from $39 per year. The pro version includes more features than free version. For the free version, you can use free. It is translation ready. This plugin requires WordPress version 5.0 or higher.

It has 1+ million active installations. The bugs are tackled and frequently updated. I would love to recommend you installing this plugin. If you found this plugin useful don’t forget to share. Click the button below for downloading the plugin.

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